Helio Dental Clinics are delighted to offer a relaxing, and friendly environment that ensures pain-free treatments fulfilling our Children's Dental needs. We value our younger patients as much as we value the adults, and for that, we give them the royal treatment they deserve.


For milky (or deciduous) teeth, Glass Ionomer (or Ketac) fillings are our option of largest favor. Their fluoride releasing properties and extremely high bond to the tooth structure renders them our fillings of choice with the youngsters. However, situations would arise where other types of fillings would be required


When decay reaches the pulp (nerve tissue) of a milky tooth, pulpotomies are in order. The children's dentist opens up the tooth to reach the chamber portion (not the canals) and places a medicament that relieves the inflammation and sanitizes the chamber. By doing this, we avoid extracting the tooth prior to its schedules normal shedding time. This way, the tooth acts as a natural space-maintainer and crowding or misalignment is avoided as much as possible.


Pulpectomies are basically root canals for children; where the tooth is opened and the entirety of the nerve system is removed (the chamber and the canals). A medicative root canal dressing is then applied and the tooth is conserved till it sheds normally. Similar to other Children's Dental Clinics across the country, Helio Dental Clinic offers to perform this procedure in cases where the nerve tissue was severely infected.


Our pediatric dental center may recommend placing a crown instead of a simple filling in your child’s baby tooth in cases where the cavity is too large or the decay is too vast. The crown which can either be metal, or tooth-coloured, covers and protects the tooth surface making sure the baby's (primary) tooth is taken care of until it’s replaced by the adult tooth.

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