Amalgam Removal

Amalgam is the silver tooth-filling which was used a long time ago and still is being used till this day. It is composed of a combination of elements, the most important of which is mercury. Recent studies have showed that the presence of mercury in the oral cavity is unhealthy and can prove to be dangerous on the long-term. With the neo-movement of metal-free health and the proven clinical findings of the harms of mercury on the long term, amalgam has been thrown out as a filling option for many dentists, and replaced with the more healthy tooth colored fillings. For these reasons, a majority of people are opting for its removal and consequent replacement with the clinically proven safe tooth colored fillings.

Although such choices are healthy and fruitful aesthetically, amalgam removal is no joke. During its removal, mercury and silver fumes arise from the degrading filling which may prove less than healthy for both the patient and the dentist. Therefore, it should be removed with utmost caution and under very meticulous conditions. At Helio Dental, we make sure that every procedure of the SAFE AMALGAM REMOVAL follows the highest of safety international codes, hence, during amalgam removal specialized equipment is used to guarantee minimal-to-no mercury exposure. special equipment and devices are used to eradicate the mercury fumes and draw them away safely from the mouth and airway. Specific isolation are also required for this procedure to ensure complete and safe removal of the entire filling material.

After amalgam is completely removed, the cavity is adequately cleaned, finished and then filled with an exceedingly safe, durable and highly aesthetic, tooth colored filling which carries no medical concerns.

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