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July 12, 2020
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Helio Dental Clinics featured in AlFajr news, nononline.net and kl-alarab.com

Thank you to the UAE newspapers (AlFajr News, nononline.net and kl-alarab.com) for featuring Helio Dental Clinics

It has been our honour and privilege to be featured in the renowned Emarati newspapers: AlFajr News, nononline.net and kl-alarab.com. Read more about this below.
المدينة الفاضلة لجراحات الأسنان والترويج للسياحة العلاجية بمصر

محسن راشد

We are glad to announce that we have been featured in AlFajr News a renowned Emirati newspaper. Mr. Mohsen Rashed, a celebrated journalist for AlFajr News highlighted that Helio Dental Clinic was awarded the title of The Virtuous City in the field of dental surgery after receiving a 92% satisfaction rate in a poll conducted by the International Arab Journal of Dentistry. This poll surveyed patients from various nationalities and showed that patients were extremely satisfied with our services.

Mr. Rashed also mentioned that Helio Dental Clinic’s Dental Tourism program is considered one of the most celebrated and competitive programs world-wide, providing global quality dental care to people from all around the world. He mentioned that Helio Dental Clinic’s Dental Tourism program not only provides takers with excellent dental care, but also ensures that they enjoy Egypt while they do so.

The article was very well received that it was shared on nononline.net, kl-alarab.com as well as on AlFajr News’ website.

To view Mr. Mohsen Rashed’s article, please click here.

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